Miles of Piles

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Van Donegal
6 April
remembered Summer, when there were trees in every backyard that ran all the way across three state lines. Ladyslipper in the piney forests my father warned 'don't pick' my sister remembers too. remembered Bells, ringing in autumnal valleys, blackstone river running and Poco heard to be in the Common, the very one that Blackstone moved his farm from, and my Duxbury parents feared for King Phillip, and watched the slaughter of the ways I wonder if they might be better than all of this
remember TV, malls and Worcester center
Orange Julius and making plans to grow up sometime
Soon enough to ride the wave, make the money
plan the fam.
Remember Letting Go, not knowing how far all this Falling takes me,
to an Incident, to see Keller, to the Mystic springs and on my way to what I am now typing.

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